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A 7 week class using the 12 Steps of recovery – This time for white conditioning

Tuesdays at 6:00 to 8:00pm beginning March 14th ending April 25th
In person only at Center for Spiritual Awareness

Let’s not wait for another George Floyd or Breanna Taylor or any of the other hundreds of people of color who have been killed due to racism before we start the journey to antiracism. It’s a sickness not unlike addiction to substances and, using the 12 steps of recovery, can create a society where ALL members are happy, joyous and free! Using a spiritually based workbook, “Recovery from the Lie of Whiteness”, the authors, while maintaining the integrity of Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob, have used the traditional 12 step language; and then reframed the steps with an opportunity for the student to uncover our subconscious bias. Like
 all recovery, this is an inside job.

03/14 Step One: It’s not my fault
03/21 Step Two/Three: This is too big a problem for me
03/28 Step Four: It’s better if I don’t think about it.
04/4 Step Five/Six: Yikes, talk about my mistakes out loud?
04/11 Step Seven/Eight: My conditioning can be reversed?
04/18 Step Nine/Ten: I’m done with guilt and shame!
04/25: Step Eleven/Twelve: I won’t give up!

This class is being facilitated by Rev. Dr. Georgia Prescott and PJ Jones,
RScP both of whom have credited the 12 Steps of recovery for saving
their lives. Cost for this 7 week class is $150. No one turned away for
lack of funds. Registration below.  Limited to first 25 registrants. This class is most beneficial for white People.