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QUESTION: What would it be like if you knew how to choose what’s right for you?


How to Know What You Know

We live in a world of choices. Every week, and most days, we make routine, periodic and profound choices. That’s going to happen anyway. The question is, how do we make these choices? Are we just choosing what our friends and family or our social media feed think we should choose? Or are we also choosing consciously through spiritual or intuitive discernment?  Using discernment to make choices is the wizard way to travel on Earth. Eventually (in this life or the next) we will get wherever we’re headed. When we make conscious choices using discernment tools we zip there with more clarity, focus, ease and grace than we would otherwise. 

Rev. Sara Nichols has worked for years with different tools and practices for discernment such as muscle testing, a letter from your future self, detecting what’s light rather than what’s right, following coincidence, as well as the spiritual hit parade of meditation and prayer. She applies these practices to daily, periodic, and profound choices.

Questions? sa****************@gm***.com or 916 769-4266

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6 Tuesdays – October 3 – Nov. 7

12 – 12:30pmPT – learn the practice, online or in-person recorded 

12:30pm to 1pm PT – Q&A with Rev. Sara, in-person only, live listen online, no recordings

Class Tuition–To get real transformation, consider the idea that you are led to pay so much that you have to be transformed by the class for it to be worth it.  Pay $20 to Register and then in the first class, use one of your new tools to “know what you know: what’s the real price that is a transformative class for you?

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