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Sunday Celebration

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VISION BOARD WORKSHOP: Unleashing the Abundant Heart

Offered by Rev. Peggy Tillery and

Practitioner Amber Henning

October 15th from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

CSA Double Classroom

A vision board is a physical and visual representation of your hopes and desires and it can be created any time of the year. Creating a vision board can give us a fresh perspective and a new vision for our lives, and it can put conscious energy into new commitments.

Abundance is so much more than money. Perhaps you’re looking for an abundance of friends, more harmony in your relationships, better health and vitality. Or maybe it’s time for something old to be replaced with something new like a car or where you live.  Through a guided meditation, we will also dig deep for those soul-based intentions.

We can also help you add a dose of Astrology if you’re into that. In fact, this workshop will happen a day after the New Moon which is the perfect time to set intentions for something new! Amber, our resident astrologer, will be on hand to guide and inform. With astrology in mind, you could base your vision board on some or all of the 12 houses, some aspect in your natal chart, or your Sun or Rising sign.

Bring favorite quotes, pictures of you/family/friends, markers, post-its, colored pencils – your imagination is your only limit with a vision board. We will provide whiteboards, glue sticks, and some magazines (but bring more magazines if you have them!) 

PLEASE RSVP SO WE HAVE ENOUGH SUPPLIES by signing up in the Lobby or by email/text at pe************@gm***.com or 916-872-3352.  Offerings of Love and Appreciation will be accepted.