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CSA’s physical and spiritual health is our highest priority. The Board promised to follow the science throughout the pandemic. Masks are no longer required if the risk remains Medium to low in Sacramento and Yolo counties. You will continue to see masks recommended for people at higher risk for severe COVID disease or individuals exposed to someone with COVID. For example, you might see Rev. Rick wearing a mask at the door. If you have any questions related to wearing a mask and other precautions, please contact your health care provider who has your medical history. At this point in the pandemic, we cannot apply one rule to everyone as we would if the level is High. Some are vaccinated, others not, some boosted, and others vaccinated but not boosted are examples of various situations as the world moves from pandemic to endemic status; the emphasis shifts toward individual choice and responsibility. At community Medium Risk, mandated mask use is limited to high-risk environments such as healthcare, prisons, and shelters. We have been very cautious, and I am a respiratory therapist. We waited months to revise our practice following the changes by the CDC. I understand we will not all agree; however, I ask that we respond respectfully and lovingly.

I am always available for questions and comments. Principle #3 says no exceptions. In loving service, Rev. Rick and the CSA Board.