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The Center for Spiritual Awareness Roles and Responsibilities Board of Trustees

    1. Keep fresh the mission and purpose of the church.
    2. Drive CSA’s planning efforts.
    3. Approve CSA’s programs and services and evaluate their effectiveness.
    4. Ensure financial solvency of CSA.
    5. Help raise resources.
    6. Select, support, and evaluate the Senior Minister.
    7. Advance CSA’s public image.
    8. Strengthen its own effectiveness as a board.


      • Membership in church with regular attendance at Sunday Services.
      • Either completed Foundations Or Change Your Thinking Change
        Your Life (CYTCYL) or be willing to complete Foundations or
        CYTCYL at next opportunity.
      • Flexible and willing to step-in where needed.
      • Willing to tithe or commit to an annual Generosity Intention.
      • Ability to practice Principles over personalities.
      • Email access.

Applications are Due by Sunday, September 30, 2023

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