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Sunday Celebration

9:00 AM & 11:00 AM | Meditation at 10:30 AM

Advent Spiral

Sunday, December 10, 2023

5:15 p.m. Families / Children

6:30 p.m. Adult Only / Adults & Teens Only Spiral

Suggested Donation: $10-20 per person or family

As the days grow darker, humankind looks for the light, within and without. During the four weeks preceding Christmas, known as the Advent Season, a number of traditions have evolved, in both pagan and Christian traditions, including participation in an Advent Spiral.

The mood is hushed and reverent as participants enter the darkened room where evergreen boughs form the Spiral; music and poetry to help set the tone. Simple, yet profound, walking the Advent Spiral is an imaginative experience for both children and adults, symbolic of our individual spirit light / life on Earth, and the power to dispel what may appear as darkness around us.

Parents may accompany very young children or carry infants, helping them light their candle at the center of the spiral. Allowing children to drink in the beautiful imagery without explaining is the best way to let the symbolism sink deeply into their consciousness. Basic instructions to stay on the path as they carry their apple/candle to light from the center flame is typically all that is needed. They will place their apple on one of the golden stars along the way as they retrace their steps back out the spiral and then return to their seat.

Adults, on the other hand, may appreciate the rich symbolism of the physical environment: evergreens for everlasting Life; the apple symbolizing the human body, the house that we live in; and the each candle representing the individual human spirit – all lit from the One Light at the Center. We approach the Center Light in seeming darkness and carry the Light out to share with ourselves and the world, as individual expressions of the One.

Witnessing each other walk the Advent Spiral is meditative and powerful: as a community, our spirits shine brightly together, transforming the space with the power and beauty of the Light.

RSVPs are important so that we can have enough supplies on hand for everyone to participate fully. Families with children, please RSVP for the earlier event, using this form. Parties consisting of Adults Only or Adults with Teens Only, please RSVP for the later event. All times are approximate, depending on the number of participants in each group.